TG4 Satharn 26ú @ 19:45 - Áiliu Iath n-Érend (I Invoke the Land of Ireland)

Bunaithe ar an gcéad dán Gaeilge riamh, deirtear, leis an bhfile Aimhirgin Glúingheal.

According to legend the Poems, or Songs, of Aimhirgin Glúingheal are the first poems in Irish recited in Ireland.  This film brings the poems to life in a kaleidoscope of images from Ireland’s past and present and with a chorus of Ireland’s finest living poets.

ar TG4 : Dé Sathairn 26ú Márta - 7.45in
on TG4 : Saturday 26th March 2016 - 7.45pm

Breis eolais/More information:  http://www.anupictures.com/project/invoking/