as UTTERING HER NAME (Salmon Poetry) aistrithe ag John McDonald go Béarla na hAlban

Dar Oma
Ye're  no o ma time
we dinnae sowp thegither
dover thegither
rise thegither
a rise threy hunner year airlie
mak tost i the mids o the nicht
smuirit in hinnie

the muin'll gove in the winnock

oot on the causey
a toon tod

his bunt refleckin
daw's furst licht

Dar Oma
we stravaig the rods thegither
i the wast o Ireland
Atlantic thouchts droon oot oor fuitfaw

an otter
gaups at us frae the watter
as though we wur human

Ye lou the fume o peat reek
incensin yowe powes

cluds borrae sets
frae dwynin Erse screeds

a gaither foryatten fuscia
threid it in yer herr

maisic waffs frae a howff
mistraucht tin fussles

a craw lichts ackwartly
on towsie thack

a knidge Yer unvisible haun

Dar Oma
a cam a nicht- watchie fir Ye
waukent oors on en
een glimmerin

aince a near dovert ower
sensin Ye a cam tae
gowlie i the keekin gless
Tibetan mask

gin a keep this up
they'll shairly mense me
wi a gowd neep

moutent doon
hung roon Yer craig