Urchar spóil

I léirmheas ar Téip Dheireanach Krapp bhí an méid seo le rá ag an léirmheastóir:
Beckett’s brilliant use of the word “Spool” as a kind of lullaby soother in the mound of Krapp’s randomized linguistic chaos is left bafflingly un-translated, unless you count “Spúl” as something you might hear on the Aran Islands during a discussion on broadcast media.
Freagra ar sin:
What exactly is wrong with the Irish word 'spól'?  In weaving terms, spól fíodóra for a shuttlecock has been around for centuries.

Dinneen gives us Seán na spól for 'John the Weaver'. It's not that Gabriel Rosenstock invented the word 'spól' Spól cadáis, 'a spool of cotton' is very well established in Irish.

 Look at it's etymology and history in other Indo-European languages:

early 14c., "wheel for winding thread upon," from Old North French spole, espole "a spool" (13c.), from Middle Dutch spoele "a spool," from Proto-Germanic *spolon (cognates: Norwegian and Swedish spole, Old High German spuola, German Spule "a spool, bobbin"), from PIE root *spel- "to cleave, split"

spólaim ag Dinneen freisin - fig. I cut up one's character