Rosenstock faoi agallamh

Faoi agallamh ag Subodh Sarkar don iris Bheangálach a chuireann Sarkar in eagar Bhasanagar.

Interview with Gabriel Rosenstock
SS. I am awed by the fact that Ireland writes in `another` language that is her own. We were taught in schools and colleges that Ireland means English, and Ireland is English. Nobody in India is bothered about Ireland`s own language, own literature, own ethnicity. Did you feel the heat of it in India?

GR. Not many people in Ireland or in the West, generally, are aware of India's linguistic diversity, or the endangered linguistic diversity of the world. So we're quits!
Ireland had a literary Golden Age in Irish (Gaelic) long before English arrived on our shores. The language pre-dates English considerably.
I always believed that India derived some inspiration from Ireland’s struggle for independence. (Gandhi and Nehru attest to this). The 1916 Rising had poets and visionaries in its ranks, many of whom were committed to the revival of the Irish language, one of whom, Pearse, corresponded with your Tagore.
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